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Once called ‘decidedly eccentric’ by Ken Garland, Debs is a graphic designer with an near obsessive fascination with meaning and narrative.

‘What does this mean?’ you might ask, and, indeed so might she.

It means that she is interested by how people perceive meaning; how people interact with design; and generally in effective communication. In terms of personal projects, you can see these themes explored in the After the bird has flown project. And in the one-line stories. In terms of commercial work, this comes in very handy when approaching a branding project. Awareness of narrative and meaning can give a brand a coherent, consistent personality. It can make a brochure into a story – a journey for the viewer, rather than a collection of information and images. And that is no bad thing.

She has worked as a freelance graphic designer since 2001, and as a designer in a creative agency since 2006. Debs has also taught Graphic Design at the University of Lincoln.

She is also interested in the following: smiling, graphic design, modern art, literature, growing vegetables, eco-living, sticky toffee pudding, thoughtful/thought provoking music, Italian food, reading, wine, real ale, satire, sunny days, friends, saying hello to strangers, stress-free living, poetry, Stephen Fry, architecture, compost, philosophy, home cooking, home-made, local produce, farmers markets, blue skies, live music, ideas, my garden, printmaking, daylight, mornings before 6am, birdsong, her cats, lists, family, white stuff clothes, howies…

…and indulging the desire to write about herself in the third person.